Les Rocquettes Hotel St Peter Port.
Les Rocquettes Hotel Guernsey.
Accessibility statement.

Les Rocquettes Hotel Accessibility Statement

This hotel accessibility statement provides helpful information of Les Rocquettes Hotel Guernsey's facilities and services, specifically in relation to accessibility to people with access needs.

Pre Arrival

Reservations can be made by telephone (01481 722146), email: stay@lesrocquettesguernsey.com or online but the first two are preferable if there are special requirements. Please ensure you explain your mobility issues in order that we can ensure that we can meet all your requirements, and we allocate a suitable room.

Taxis can be pre-ordered to meet guests at both the airport and ferry terminal.


There is car parking at the front of Les Rocquettes Hotel with marked spaces on tarmac. There are no designated disabled car spaces currently. Staff will be happy to assist with luggage.

The main hotel entrance has 3 shallow stairs from the car park. These are paved and 140 cm wide. This entrance has double exterior doors, and an automatic inner door width 115cm.

The alternative entrance from the front car park is via a paved terrace. The outer door opens outwards with a width of 86cm. This is a heavy door. The inner door is also heavy and is 89cm wide. There is coconut matting in the door well, and this leads onto a slate floor, with a wooden floor in the neighbouring bar lounge.

There is a lift from this lower lounge area to Reception. There is an outer door opening outwards, width 86 cm into the lift lobby. The lift entrance is 78cm wide. The dimensions of the lift are 100cm x 132 cm. There are separate exit and entrance doors to the lift.

The Reception desk is 5 metres from the lift. It is brightly lit but does not have a lowered section. There is seating in the Reception lobby.

Public WCs

These are all located by the lower lounge. Ladies and Gents WCs have doors widths of 78cm opening outwards, and inner doors also opening outwards. Cubicles are 60cm width. The accessible WC is also located on this floor close to the lift. The outer door is 86cm wide. The door opens outwards. There is a twist lock. The dimensions of the WC are 145cm x 195cm. There is a lateral transfer space of 72cm. As you face the WC the transfer space is on the left. There is a dropdown rail on the transfer side. The basin has a grabrail and a lever tap.


There are two rooms with wheelchair access on the first floor, and one on the second floor. These are accessible via the lift with three doorways in between, all 84 cm wide. The corridors are carpeted and 1 metre wide. The entrance doors to the rooms are 78cm wide. The bedroom is carpeted and the wet room floor is tiled. The beds can be made as king sized double or twin beds and the height is 68cm. The television has subtitles. There are balconies with sliding doors with an opening of 70cm, however there is a step on the threshold 15cm high and 40cm wide. There is turning space by the beds. The bathrooms entrance door is 90cm wide. The wash basin height is 76cm with lever tap. The W.C has transfer from the left with grabrails. The wet room shower is adjustable and has rails. A shower seat and a raised W.C seat can be arranged. There is an audible and visible alarm in the wet room with lights and sounders in the bedroom and the corridor.

Public Areas

Ella's Lounge and Terrace is on the same level as the alternative entrance. Flooring is tiled, or wooden with some rugs. Seating is not fixed ? sofas and armchairs. Table height is varied 45cm, 76cm and 94cm. Table service is offered here, and on the terrace.

The Oak Restaurant is accessible with a small ramp from Reception level. Door entrance is 84cm wide with the door opening outwards. There is a mix of wood and carpet flooring. Tables are 75cms high. Furniture is not fixed, and some chairs have armrests. Table service is offered.

The Oak Bar is on the same level as the Restaurant. Floor is carpeted. Table height is 75cm, and some seating is fixed and some free standing. There is also access from the carpark via a small ramp. Table service is available.

The Johnson Suite (the function suite) is also on the same level as the Oak bar ? there is hard flooring. The furniture is not fixed.

The Leisure Suite including the gym, pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room are located close to the alternative hotel entrance. There are 4 steps, or alternatively a scissor lift 80cm wide to access this area. There are double doors into the Leisure suite, both 80cm wide and opening outwards. There is an accessible changing room with WC. Door opens outwards, width 90cm. The WC has left side transfer with rails on both sides. The shower has rails on both side and a seat is available if required. There is an alarm.

The Garden can be accessed either by steps from the atrium, or from the carpark passing around the leisure suite block on the paved terrace with a small ramp near the atrium which leads onto the lawn.