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The Oak Bar menu.
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The Oak.
The Oak Restaurant Guernsey.
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The Oak Bar Menu

(V) Menu dishes are suitable for Vegetarians
(L) Menu dishes can be served as a lighter portion at a reduced price

Bits N' Pieces

•  Brunch Eggs - £7.25
Creamy scrambled eggs with diced ham, smoked Guernsey cheddar cheese and a touch of Guernsey cream with cracked black pepper served on hot buttered Guernsey brown or white toast

•  The Oak Bar All Day Breakfast - £7.95
2 Guernsey Free Range eggs (fried or scrambled), bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans, black pudding, tomatoes, chips and toast

•  Breakfast Bap - £3.50
Filled with a choice of bacon, sausage or two fried eggs (£1.00 for additional fillings)

•  Duck Spring Rolls (L) - £4.95/£7.95
Slow cooked duck flavoured with chilli and soy sauce served with salad and plum dip

•  Chicken Skewers (L) - £5.50/£9.75
Coated in coconut & peanut sauce, flame grilled and served with a pineapple salsa, and flat bread

•  Croque du jour - £3.95
A warm hearty soup made fresh daily and served with crusty bread

•  Captain Elmo's' Guernsey Crab and Crayfish Tail Saladette - £6.95
Finished with a sweet chilli mayo and Guernsey bread and butter

•  Ribs to Start - £5.75
Our twice cooked pork ribs with our smoky BBQ sauce

•  Grilled Mediterranean Rarebit (V) - £5.75
Guernsey smoked cheddar, beer and mustard toast topped with marinated, Chargrilled vegetables

Why not add two or three together with a side order, just graze!!!!

Burgers and Hot Sarnies

•  Gourmet 100% er - Without Chips - £7.50  |  With Chips - £9.50
Our flame grilled burgers are made on the premises and are 100% ground Irish and British sirloin with the addition of sweet red onions, capers, gherkins. Served with iceberg lettuce. tomatoes, dill pickle and red onion jam on a toasted sesame bun

•  Chicken BLT - Without Chips £7.00/With Chips £9.00
100% chicken breast marinated in thyme, bay and black pepper dipped In a herb batter served with crispy bacon, served with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and red onion jam

•  Sirloin Steak Baguette - Without Chips - £7.95/With Chips - £9.95
With iceberg lettuce, tomato and Dijon mustard

All our burgers come with hand cut chips, on a toasted sesame bun.

Why not add an extra topping: Smoked Guernsey Cheddar, Fried Egg, Smoked Bacon, Mushrooms, Bérnaise sauce at 75p per topping


All our sandwiches are served with skinny fries on either Guernsey brown or white bread

•  Farmhouse Ham - £4.80
•  Smoked Guernsey Cheddar - £4.80
•  Fresh Guernsey crab with lemon mayo - £6.40
•  Thai Coronation Chicken - £4.90
•  Poached Salmon, lemon mayo and iceberg lettuce - £5.95
•  The Oak Club - £7.20
•  Egg and black pepper mayo with mustard cress - £4.70
•  Crayfish Tail and citrus mayo - £6.40

From The Garden

•  (L) (v) Glazed Goats Cheese - £5.25/£9.75
With mixed leaves, roasted croutons, beetroot salad and pesto dressing

•  (L) Warm Asian Duck Salad - £5.50/£9.95
Confit of duck shredded and sautéed with pine nuts, croutons tossed with baby spinach and house dressing

All are served with crusty bread and can also be served as a lighter portion


•  Pies 'n' Puddings - £10.00
Ask for our pie or pudding of the day served with gravy and horseradish mash OR hand-cut chips

•  Full Rack of BBQ Ribs (L) - £7.95/£10.95
Our twice cooked pork ribs with our smoky BBQ sauce. Served with hand cut chips and homemade BBQ beans

•  Beef and Stout Stew with Boiled Carrots (L) - £7.95/£10.95
British beef slowly braised in local stout, thyme and caramelised onions. Topped with a parmesan mash served with crusty bread

•  Coq Au Vin (L) - £7.95/£10.95
Free range chicken jointed, cooked in cognac, burgundy and smoked bacon lardons served with garlic mash or steamed rice

•  Mexican Beef Chilli (L) - £7.75/£10.00
A bowl of spicy minced beef and rice with flat tortilla bread, sour cream and guacamole

•  Lasagne Al Forno (L) - £6.95/£8.95
Our Home Made Lasagne served with Garlic and Herb toast

•  Thai Green Chicken Curry with Lemon Scented Rice (L) - £7.95/£10.50
Sautéed in a fragrant and spicy coconut sauce

Fish Noodles and Rice

•  Battered Scampi (L) - £7.75/£10.00
Whole tail in our own Patois Beer Batter served with Chips, a Pot of Mushy Peas and homemade tartar sauce

•  Traditional Fish 'N' Chips (L) - £7.65/£9.95
Cod dipped in our own Patois Beer Batter with a pot of Mushy Peas and homemade tartar sauce

•  Guernsey Scallops - 4 scallops £9.95 / 6 scallops £14.95
Wrapped in smoked bacon served with garlic butter and lemon rice

•  Grilled Salmon Steak Harissa - £10.75
An authentic, spicy paste made of chilli, coriander, parsley, cumin and extra virgin olive oil served with stir fried vegetables

Please see our boards for our changing fish selection

•  Asian Wok Fired Udon Noodles or Singapore Rice
with bean sprouts, sweet peppers, red onion, French beans in oyster sauce, ginger, garlic and chilli. With either;
Spicy Beef Strips - £10.90
Chicken - £10.00
Plain - £8.50
Crayfish Tail - £10.00
Guernsey Crab and Chilli - £11.00


Our selection of aged British and Irish Steaks are all served with a classic garnie of baked tomato, sautéed mushrooms accompanied with thick hand cut chips and red onion marmalade

•  Sirloin: 8oz - £18.95. 10oz - £21.95

•  Fillet: 8oz - £21.95. 10oz - £24.50

•  Ribeye: 8oz - £18.50

Add a sauce of your choice: Garlic Butter, Mushroom, Bérnaise or Pepper

•  Surf & Turf
Add jumbo shrimps to any steak to make your own surf 'n' turf at £1.00 each

All our meals are prepared to order and during busy periods some items may take a little longer (but it's worth it!)

Side Orders

Chips - £2.50  |  Homemade BBQ Beans - £2.75  |  New Potatoes - £2.50  |  House Side Salad - £3.50  |  Garlic Mushrooms - £2.50  |  Garlic Bread - £2.50  |  Garlic Cheese Bread - £2.75

•  Annies Homemade Tortes & Tarts - £4.50
From the "Hideaway" at Moores Central Hotel

•  "Olde English" Fruit Pudding - £4.75
Pudding filled with sultanas, cherries, apples in a suet pastry studded with currants and served with Devonshire custard

•  Sticky Toffee Pudding - £4.50
With toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream

•  Cheese Slate - £5.95
Chef's changing Cheese Selection served with Homemade Apple Chutney and Crusty Bread

Coffee Menu

•  Espresso (Just for you): Single - £1.75. Double - £3.50
A small concentrated shot of coffee produced by forcing very hot
water under pressure through finely grounded coffee beans

•  Americano: Single - £1.95. Double - £3.70
Espresso with added hot water served with or without milk. Invented for the American G.I's in Italy to reproduce the strength of coffee they were used to

•  Cappuccino - £2.15
A shot of Espresso drunk through steamed milk and textured foam

•  Macchiato - £2.15
A shot of Espresso with a topping of foamed milk

•  Latte - £2.15
Steamed milk over an Espresso

•  All of the above products are available using decaffeinated Espresso

Cadbury's Hot Chocolate - £2.25
Made with Guernsey milk and rich cream (Why not add spiced Rum or any liqueur)

•  Tea/Fruit Infusions from: £2.00

•  Special Liqueur Coffee from: £4.95
For a touch of something different why not add one of our syrups? Add .20p

Short Breaks in Guernsey


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Sustainable local seafood

Sustainable local seafood.